oscanner starts

I’ve been thinking about rewrite a totally new tool for several months to replace the default cli OVAL scanner provided by OVAL official site. And finally today I decided to totally rewrite a new scanner in C# under Windows which runs on a single workstation. And it’s sure that I promise I won’t use any code from the corp currently I’m working for.

The project is hosted here: http://code.google.com/p/oscanner/

You see, it’s hard to decide a name. The name oscanner means OVAL scanner, or OS scanner, whatever you think of.

I hope the project will help me improve the my coding skills and I’ll contribute it to the OVAL community when it’s suitable.

Features considering:

  • friendly GUI.
  • fast speed.
  • compatiable with OVAL standard.
  • clean and well-commented source
  • as much as possible pure .NET code

Advises are welcome.