A trick to IE7Pro plugin: AccuWeather users

If you can’t change location of your AccuWeather plugin for IE7pro “the Ultimate Add-on for Internet Explorer 7”, You can just edit C:\Program Files\IE7Pro\plugins\accuweather\plugin.js,
Change line 78
var mylocation=PRO_getValue("weather_Location","10001");
var mylocation=PRO_getValue("weather_Location","ASI|CN|CH002|BEIJING");
You will get weather city code setted to Beijing, China.

You can lookup your city weather code from here, then you may jump to your city’s weather page.
Look at the url! It looks like:http://wwwa.accuweather.com/world-index-forecast.asp?partner=netweather&traveler;=0&locCode;=ASI|CN|CH002|BEIJING
So, locCode=ASI|CN|CH002|BEIJING indicates your city code is ASI|CN|CH002|BEIJING
Just replace the default value 10001 (which means New York) to your locCode value in the file plugin.js
Then open a new windows to see if it works!